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2021: music video for After Smoke Clears | writer/director

2021: poem featured in #HereForCulture campaign film that played in cinemas across the UK that were supported by the Cultural Recovery Fund
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2021: Selected for BFI NETWORK x BAFTA CREW

2020: short film | writer/director 

Lockdown is not a new idea for people with chronic illness. In this 90 second film I talk about the parallel between lockdown and life with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), and how acceptance and gratitude can help you find peace with this new way of living.


Something I hope people will take away from this film is an awareness of ME (which is a poorly understood and stigmatised neurological illness) as well as gratitude to be able to return back to a more full life once the pandemic is under control; a privilege not to be taken for granted.


Faded Neon Films presents
Lockdown AnthologY
Melissa-Kelly Franklin | Charli Whatley | Mohsin Zaidi | Charlotte Lang | Toby Anthonisz


2020: short film | writer/director 

A family chat with vibrancy and passion about vaginas and hearsay news, but struggle to find the words to express their emotional pain caused by the pandemic. Saturday Roast captures the energy of a close, open and loving family, with nuanced layers of differing generations of the female and the queer experience.

2020: The first 5000 words of my debut novel The Middle secured me a space on Penguin Book's highly competitive scheme for under represented writers WRITE NOW and a place on the long-list for their year long mentorship programme. Following a one-to-one with an editor from Penguin I am now completing the first draft of this adult fiction novel that explores themes of sexuality, religion and mental health.

2020: short film | writer/director 

A mother struggles emotionally and physically with grief. Through the support of her late sister’s girlfriend, she is able to overcome her panic attacks and sit with the uncomfortable feelings that loss creates, as they comfort one another. *trigger warning: the film deals with mental illness and suicide


2020: Music videos for After Smoke Clears | writer/director

The three videos link together with a narrative thread that follows two metal fans returning home from a gig in the early hours of the morning, discussing the evils in the world and their own complicity in systems that are killing our planet and oppressing humanity, and how to escape that trap and build a better future. 

2019: poem featured in climate crisis promo from Creative Agencies Hello Mozart Films and Glass Eye Inc
2019: poem featured in director Stefano Ottaviano's art film

2018: short film | writer/director

An experimental short film that uses spoken word to explore the shame around menstruation and exposes the blood we are taught to hide. Period. reminds us of its life giving purpose and the empowerment to be found when celebrating our natural selves.

2017: writing featured in director's Stef + Ivo (Stefano Ottaviano and Ivo Sousa) art film


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2017: writing featured in director Jason Bradbury's fashion film



2016: pilot episode of drama series | writer/producer

Ming-Hau and her employee S return to a Launderette of which she has been a silent partner for the past year. A few days later, and someone is dead.